King Kong (1933)

The actual animation model of the dinosaur
which was used in both the original
1933 King Kong and Son of Kong. 45x21x18 1/2 inches.


This is the original model that was used as the Brontosaurus in King Kong and the more fanciful sea beast in Son of Kong. It is very unique because it was designed like a stop-motion model, but was modified into a live-action mechanical model. The live-action capability was necessary when the beast was photographed in the water and splashed about. The brontosaur grabbed miniature models of people from the water and tossed the loosely jointed puppets from its jaws.

Behind the scenes photographs (above and right) show the model in a setting from Son of Kong where a technician is placing one of the jointed dolls into the mouth of the animal. Notice the tracks that guided the wheels under the water.

--RKO/Turner Broadcasting, 1933

Final scene of the dinosaur and man.