Special Exhibits Hall

The Dinosaur Museum opened its newest exhibit gallery with 2 spectacular exhibits on July 4, 2013

Feathered Dinosaurs

"FEATHERED DINOSAURS" features six life-size ten foot long Deinonychus raptors, and a giant feathered Therizinosaurus which stands 14 foot tall with a 20 foot wingspan. The exhibit shows the most current scientific discoveries regarding these fascinating animals.

Dinosaurs in the Movies

"DINOSAURS IN THE MOVIES" features colorful original posters and memorabilia with examples from the entire history of movie dinosaurs. From the early "Ghost of Slumber Mountain" to recent films like "Jurassic Park." Most of the posters are large and oversized three and six sheets. They are from the USA and many countries world wide.


Acknowledgements: The new exhibit hall was designed by Stephen and Sylvia Czerkas. It was made possible by grants from the Federal USDA Rural Development, the Utah State Office of Economic Development, San Juan County Tourism and Economic Development, the City of Blanding, the Blanding City Legacy Fund, and individual donations.